La Sala Restorante

La Sala Restorante 11×14

This lovely building has seen many changes over the last twenty plus years. Formerly Eliza Doolittle’s, later Mr. Sub, which then became Brussel’s Bistro, and now, La Sala! So many changes to the face of our beloved Beach landmarks. Please check my Pen and Ink work for an image of Eliza Doolittle’s (to come soon!). I look forward to keeping up with the continual changes of our shopfronts.

Brooklin Historical Walking Tour

Today I had the pleasure of a self directed walking tour of beautiful downtown Brooklin. There’s a lot to see and appreciate about the unique architecture in this lovely little town. Most notably, the quaint blue victorian style house on Cassels St. The carriage house or driving shed, seems like a suitable space for more than just a car, with it’s adorable weathervane atop the roof for added charm. If you have the chance, pop on by and see what else Brooklin has to offer! I’ll be heading back for more pictures to come in the next few weeks.