Born and raised in North Toronto, and recent Beach resident, I am an active member of the Beach Guild of Fine Art, where most of my work can be seen and purchased.

With a variety of disciplines and interests within my scope of work, I studied Mixed Media at the Ontario College of Art, and Illustration for Animated Film Studies at Sheridan College. I also have a large Watercolour collection, am presently working on pen and ink illustrations of historical Brooklin, and work daily on my creative writing. 

Over the past few months my focus has been completing 50 stories for an illustrated book entitled When I was a kid in Toronto©.

These original watercolour, and pen & ink line drawings are based on my life, as a kid in the 40’s. Several excerpts from this book were published in January 2017, with Story Quilt Magazine. Several other excerpts have been published through Canadian Stories Magazine.

The main thrust of my work continues to be architecture, landmarks, and buildings under threat of demolition. With a keen interest in photographing and illustrating the rapidly changing face of Toronto store fronts, I started a business called SHOPFRONTS(c). These illustrations have been made into postcards and sold in the local shops, art shows, available at Seagull Classics on Queen in the beach Toronto and The Lynde House Museum, Whitby.

On a personal level, I believe it’s important to contribute to the community and well being of others. As an artist, I want to ensure those without financial means can still have access to art supplies as a means of self-expression and financial self-reliance, so I created “Artie” – the mobile art supplier. You can read a little more about it in this Beach Metro News article.

For further information, or to purchase my work, please connect.
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