Beverly Campbell Art

The Heart of my work

Toronto Historical Architecture
and Popular Landmarks

Although the years may have vastly changed the landscape that exists today, capturing the essence of Toronto remains an important part of keeping not only my personal memories alive, but the history of our beautiful city, through pen & ink,
and colourful oil expressions.  Please enjoy my beloved city through my eyes and art. 

About Beverly Campbell.

Born and raised in North Toronto, and recent Beach resident, Beverly's work focuses on architecture, historical landmarks, and buildings under the threat of demolition. 

Beverly is an active member of the Beach Guild Fine Art, where most of her work can be seen and purchased. 

PReferred MEdiums

Watercolor and
Pen & Ink Illustrations

With a variety of disciplines and interests within her scope of work, Beverly studied Mixed Media at the Ontario College of Art, and Illustration for Animated Film Studies at Sheridan College.

Beverly continues to grow her large Watercolour collection, and pen & ink illustrations of historical Brooklin, Ontario, while also working daily on her creative writing.

For more information or to purchase or commission a one-of-a-kind work of art, please email Beverly directly: beverlycampbell <at>